How to build a poker table

Guide for building your own poker table

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The way from idea to reality is not all that long as you may think. Building a poker table is actually quite easy since all you need is a couple of plywood plates (for the table ground), a nice fabric (covering the plywood plates) in your preferable color, some wood boards (to build the rail frame around the table) and a piece of plastic (to cover up the wood boards to be more comfortable).

Cover the poker table rail with fabric

First step - Fasten the fabric

Be sure that you have enough fabric to cover the whole table and also that you are able to fasten it with staples to the poker table ground (the plywood plates). This is where we're going to fasten the fabric with the rail frame.

Try to find a free space where you could place your fabric (a big floor or table is perfect). The fabric should cover the entire plywood plate before you begin. Place the rail frame onto the fabric and make sure there are no visible wrinkles.

Second step - Stapling

Get a stapler and get yourself ready to staple your fabric onto the plywood plate. The idea is to concentrate on one corner (curve) at a time.

You should start the stapling just before one of the corners curves. Before you staple you should repeatedly get as much extra fabric to the previous staple as possible. Make sure that the fabric is still flat and without wrinkles on the top side of the plywood plate. Wrinkles on the bottom side is quite okay.

When the first corner is finished, continue on to the next one and after that you have finished all the corners you could continue with the sides.

Third step - Cutting the fabric

After that you have finished the stapling you should continue by cutting out the middle of the fabric for the taple. This is done to leave just the fabric for the rail. Be sure to leave an extra amount of fabric so you are able to fasten it with staples too. You could use a pencil to mark where to cut the fabric if you feel more comfortable with that.

Fourth step - Cutting the fabric in the corners

After that you have cut out the big hole from the fabric you are now ready to prepare for fastening the fabric on the inside side of the rail frame. However, first you need to cut the fabric in a zigzag pattern on the short edge of the table (between the corners). Make sure that you do not cut the fabric to faar so that the foam is inside. The long sides should be kept untouched (with a straight cut between the corners) along the ring side

Fifth step - Fasten the inside part of the fabric

Start with one of the short sides and straighten the fabric all the time while pulling it up and stapling it onto the rail frame. Remove the left overs from the fabric and enjoy the finished part with the fabric and the rail frame.

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